What’s Duphalac used for?

Lactulose is registered as a drug in over 100 countries under the trademarks Duphalac, Bifiteral, Betulac, Lactulose Biphar, Lactecon, Duphalac dry, Bifiteral dry, Duphalac Fruit, Laktipex, and is available as oral solution, oral solution with natural plum flavour and oral powder (please note: all presentations are not necessarily available in all countries). 11

The present therapeutic indications include constipation for the regulation of the physiological rhythm of the colon or where a soft stool is considered of medical benefit (i.e. haemorrhoids, post-colonic/anal surgery). 1

1. Data on File, Duphalac® (lactulose), CCDS, dated 15th July 2013.