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Constipation Treating constipation

Treating constipation


Many people find that making changes to their diet and lifestyle can improve their symptoms. If these don’t help, laxatives are often used.33

What are laxatives?

Laxatives are a type of medicine that can treat constipation. There are several different types of laxatives, and they all have a different effect on your digestive system.33

Stimulant laxatives

These are used when stools are soft, but difficult to pass. This type of laxative stimulates the muscles in your digestive tract, helping them to move stools along more quickly. They’re usually only used on a short-term basis.33

Bulk-forming laxatives

These work by helping your stools retain water, making them softer, and easier to pass.33

Osmotic laxatives

Osmotic laxatives, such as Duphalac® work by increasing the amount of fluid in the bowels. This softens yours stools and makes them easier to pass.33

Laxatives are available to buy from pharmacies and supermarkets.33

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