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Weekly stool diary

Useful tools for you

weekly stool diary

We have created a weekly stool diary (available to download below) for you to fill in and keep a record of your or your child’s bowel movement. Share this with your doctor or pharmacist to help them choose the right treatment for you.

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Tips to help increase your fiber intake:

  • Make sure you write down every stool that is passed
  • Use the Bristol Stool Form Scale that best describes the stool
  • Record the size of the stool as small, medium or large (S, M, L)
  • Make sure you note down the dose of any laxatives you or your child have taken
  • In the comments section, write down anything else you think might be helpful, such as whether there was any discomfort when passing the stool, or any other symptoms such as nausea or stomach ache before or after the bowel movement.