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Travel and constipation

Travel and constipation

A change of routine, such as being on holiday with a different diet and time zone, and using facilities in public places, can affect your bowel habits.25 This can make travelling a challenge when you’re constipated. But there are many things you can do to help keep you comfortable.

Drink plenty of water

Not drinking enough fluids can make constipation worse, so make sure you have plenty of clear liquids to drink.26 It’s best to avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks (such as cola or coffee) as these can dehydrate you.8

Fill up on fiber-rich snacks

Eating healthily can be tricky when you’re on-the-go, as it’s easy to reach for low-fiber convenience food. This can make constipation worse.8 Instead, try to carry high-fiber snacks with you such as dried fruit, cereal bars, popcorn, and unsalted nuts. Choose healthy meals with plenty of fresh vegetables when possible.

Try to stay active

If you have a long journey by plane, train or car, make sure you set time aside to get up, stretch and have a walk around. This can help to keep your digestive system moving.26

Try and stick to a routine

Where possible, try and stick to your usual meal and sleep times. Eating soon after you wake up can also be beneficial.27 If you usually use the toilet at a certain time of day, try and stick to that too. About 30 minutes after a meal is usually a good time.25

Listen to your body

Don’t ignore your body’s signals, as this can make constipation worse.8 Try to make sure you always know where the nearest toilets are so you can go if you need to.

Be prepared

If you’ve had problems with constipation whilst travelling before, or if you’re already experiencing constipation, it might help to start taking medication ahead of time. Duphalac® stick packs are ideal when you’re on the go. Each dose can be tipped directly onto the tongue, sprinkled on food or mixed with a drink.4

Duphalac® sticks packs come in convenient pre-packaged sachets, ideal when you’re on-the-go.

Duphalac bottle

DUPHALAC® Stick Pack